All-Inclusive FAQs

Can I bring my own drinks?

No, all drinks have to be purchased through the Golden Palace.

Will there be other events in the hall while my event is going on?

Yes, but in the separate room.

Can I bring my own staff?

No, the all-inclusive packages include all staff.

Is there a minimum guest count?

In order to not pay additional for the room rental, a minimum guest count of 150 is required.

How much does it cost to reserve my date?

To reserve your date there is a $1000 deposit.

Is there a bar minimum required?


How much time will I have the day of my event to setup?

We will allow you to select a 3 hour block of time to decorate your room the day of your event. This time must be determined by your final appointment (15 days prior to your event).

Will I be required to purchase any liquor or general liability Insurance for my event?

No, liquor or general liability insurance is not required.

What payment methods do you take?

Cash or Check.

Is my security deposit refundable?

Yes, the security deposit is fully refundable minus any damages that occur to the Golden Palace property the day of your event.

Is the date deposit refundable?

No, the date deposit is non-refundable.

What is the latest that we can be in the banquet hall the day of the party?

Midnight is the latest. No exceptions.

Can we pick whatever room we like or does the facility choose the room when we get a package?

The facility will assign the room that is most adequate for the size event you are having. You do have the option to upgrade your room but you will be paying additional fees.

What are your hours and do I have to make an appointment?

Our hours are 10am-2pm Monday and 10am-4pm Tuesday thru Friday and although we do take walk-ins appointments are encouraged. Weekends by appointment only.

How far ahead of time does my event have to be paid in full?

Your event has to be paid in full at least 15 days before your event.

Do you permit live bands?


Do you charge for parking?


Can you create a special menu to accommodate our special themed event?

Absolutely. The Executive Chef would be more than happy to work with you on creating a special menu for your event.

Are dessert tables permitted? Is there a charge?

Yes, they are permitted and no there isn’t an additional charge.

Do you have internet access? Is there a charge?

Yes, we do provide internet access at no additional charge.

Is it possible to come in the day before to set up?

We try to accommodate every client the best we can. If it works for scheduling we can. Be advised that if a client books the date we obviously cannot allow setup on that date anymore.

Are banquet (8’) tables included?

We do provide 7-8’ tables with draping at no charge. Additional tables will need to be ordered so additional fees would apply.

Are there restaurants and/or fast food chains close by?

Yes, we have both of those relatively close by.

Are there any hotels close by you could suggest?

Absolutely. Please call us so we can better advice you.